Should YOUR Business be on the ‘NET ??

Marketing your products and services on the Internet is PROBABLY a good idea, but NOT an automatic winner. HOW YOU DO IT can be the difference between success, and throwing your money away.

  • understand who your target market/customer is
  • identify specific, quantifiable goals
  • be clear about your message
  • make it easy for visitors to interact with you
  • learn more …

 Our Philosophy on Business Websites …

  • clean, crisp, easy to navigate, quick loading
  • professional … with features appropriate to your marketplace
  • give the visitor a reason to stay … and to return
  • easy to maintain and enhance
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Building Websites That Succeed …

“Build It and They Will Come” doesn’t necessary work.  Visitors have expectations – and if your site can’t meet them, they’re gone!  The answers are available, and we can help:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – it’s not that hard to build a search engine friendly website
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing) – implementing the basics can go a very long way
  • tell the world you are on-line … again and again
  • learn more …

Selling on the Internet …

Is your business ready to join the estimated $1.7 Trillion transacted on the net this year? Perhaps, if you can answer YES to the following questions:

  • are your products or services somewhat unique and not widely available?
  • can a buyer appreciate your products ‘from a distance’?
  • is it easy to receive your product or service?
  • learn more …

We invited you to explore AwesomeTools.com – our successful online sales site – as a basis to begin our discussion.