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Should YOUR Business be on the NET ??

Internet Solutions - Helping Sacramento & Northern California small business excel on the Internet.Using the Internet to market your products and services has become a NECESSITY for most of us, but is NOT an automatic winner.  HOW YOU DO IT can be the difference between success, and wasting your time and money.

Identify specific target markets, and be clear about your message.  The Internet is a big place, and getting lost is "the norm", not the exception,

Make it easy for customers and prospects to find, and interact, with you.  That probably means one or more of the following:

  • Local Search (Google Places, Bing Maps, YP.com, Yahoo Local, …) has become the first place people look, and the most likely place you might appear on a search,
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, tumblr,  …) is also becoming "the norm" for many people when they interact with the Internet,
  • A classic Website is still a necessity for most businesses, but not all – Local Search and Social Media may be more than enough for some smaller/targeted businesses,

Use the power of eMail, eZines, Blogs and similar on-line tools to get, and keep, your name in front of clients and prospects.

Create a plan, a schedule and a budget.  Making good use of the Internet does NOT have to be expensive (almost all items mentioned above can be done for free) – but it does require planning, time, commitment.  AND for best results can not be done just once, and then ignored.